We specialize in gold edging Bibles and other books that are valued and cherished. Along with card beveling and edge gilding in choice of colors.

We offer 22K genuine gold and Prism silver.

Book gilding is an art that requires patience and skill. We have artisans that will gild either gold or silver foil on the edge of your favorite book. Edge gilding is done by trimming book, rounding corners, sanding, sizing and then applying gold, silver, or color foil with heated roller.

Our specialty is smaller runs of books. We can do one book or up to one hundred or more. Square or rounded corners. We will work with you.

We do have a $50 minimum order. But average size Bibles may run about $25-$35 each. Please call for quote with size and amount of books to be gilded.
Due to the custom and artistic nature of the products and services offered, we reserve the right to reject any design request by anyone at any time and/or any potential projects that involve subject matter that we do not approve of.